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Creating a community of calm

Creating a community of calm

Creating a community of calmCreating a community of calm


Mother and Daughter Workshops

"Emma lead a beautiful and relaxing workshop which provided us with easy to remember tools for practicing mindfulness. It was such a relaxing, nurturing afternoon of enjoyable activities. Thank you."

"This time spent with my daughter is so beneficial for us. It is time for connection and just us. The workshops we have done have been absolutely lovely. It brings us back to what is important in life and love."

"Thank you Emma for a wonderful mindfulness workshop. We both feel so relaxed and I loved the special time and connection with my daughter. Thank you Emma. I feel so grateful to have come today."

"Such a beautiful morning. Nice to be able to take time out of the 'busyness' of life and spend quality time with my daughter. Thank you Emma."

"What a wonderful way to spend two hours being present and connecting with my daughter. It's so great to see mindfulness and its benefits being embraced by my 10 year old. Thank you so much Emma."

"This workshop came at the right time for me. Emma is an amazing person who shows love and kindness and helps us realise love makes the world turn. Nothing should stop us from loving and believing in ourselves and to do this with our daughters - well that is everything! Thanks Em, you are beautiful! This brought me closer to my daughter and closer to myself again. Today is the day I needed in so many ways."

"Emma's enthusiasm and energy is inspiring. The workshops have been a wonderful way for my daughter and I to re-connect and experience a wide variety of mindfulness techniques. The research Emma shared about mindfulness was great for my daughter to hear. Fantastic Emma. Thank you."

"I would highly recommend Emma's workshops after participating with my daughter today. Wow! What a magical couple of hours where we both learnt techniques to improve our mindfulness, meditations, positive mantras, the power of our breath and the importance of self love. These skills are vital in today's society and Emma makes it relevant for both parent and child. I leave today walking on clouds and will definitely be back."